I have over 10 years of teaching and outreach experience, having held my first outreach demonstration lecture at the age of 17 and designed and instructed my first course at the age of 19. Over the years I have taught a range of fields including chemistry, physics, mathematics, programming, robotics and electronics to people from all walks of life from ages 3 to 70+. My teaching has consistently been rated outstanding.

Simply put: I love showing people how they can understand and learn almost any concept!

Upcoming courses

General chemistry I CHEM121, Summer semester 2020, Rice University


Strategic applications of named reactions in organic synthesis CHEM553, Spring semester 2020, Rice University

Co-lecturer. In this course we will cover the mechanism and strategic applications of approximately 150 widely used named reactions in organic synthesis. The students will learn how to navigate the vast chemical literature effectively using sophisticated search engines like SciFinder and Reaxys and will get the opportunity to prepare and give 10-minute presentations on 5 recent named rxns.

Ongoing courses

Organic chemistry discussions CHEM213, Fall semester 2019, Rice University

Course instructor and discussion leader. Contents: molecular orbital theory and molecular structure, reactions of simple σ electrophiles and nucleophiles, reactions of simple π nucleophiles and electrophiles, bulk properties of matter and basic thermodynamics.