I have over 10 years of teaching and outreach experience, having held my first outreach demonstration lecture at the age of 17 and designed and instructed my first course at the age of 19. Over the years I have taught a range of fields including chemistry, physics, mathematics, programming, robotics and electronics to people from all walks of life from ages 3 to 70+. My teaching has consistently been rated outstanding.

Simply put: I love showing people how they can understand and learn almost any concept!

Upcoming courses

CHEM122/124 General chemistry II, Summer semester 2020, Rice University

N.B. Cancelled due to COVID19

Lecturer. After the course the student is able to describe how simple collections of molecules and atoms behave under defined physical and chemical changes (temperature, pressure, volume, time, electricity). The student is able to model these behaviors mathematically and make predictions on the outcomes of these changes. The student is also able to design simple experiments for studying these changes experimentally in the laboratory. The course is largely built on a problem solving approach.