Postdoctoral research

11. Cheng, Q.-Q., Zhou, Z. , Jiang, H., Siitonen, J. H., Ess, D. H. Zhang X., Kürti, L. in submission

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Graduate research

7. Siitonen, J. H., Csókás, D. Pápai, I., Pihko, P. M.* “Total Synthesis of …” manuscript in preparation

6. Siitonen, J. H. “Synthetic Studies on 1-Azabicyclo[5.3.0]decane Alkaloids”, PhD thesis, 2018.

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Undergraduate  research

1. Siitonen, J. H.; Pihko, P. M.* “Total Synthesis of (+)-Greek Tobacco Lactone”, Synlett201425, 1888. Highlighted in ChemInform Abstract.